Police, Military Avert Chieftaincy Clashes At Nsoatre

Personnel from the Brong-Ahafo Regional Police Command and soldiers from the third Garrison in Sunyani on Friday, February 7, 2014, ‘invaded’ the Nsoatre Township to ensure security, which was being threatened by a protracted chieftaincy dispute.

The Nsoatre Traditional Council has for the past thirteen (13) years been saddled with a protracted chieftaincy dispute, after the demise of the late Paramount chief, Nana Henneh Kwasi.

Many prominent personalities and sub-chiefs have all tried to resolve the issue amicably to ensure peace and development, but they could not achieve the desired results.

A recent press conference organized by a group calling itself -‘Concerned Citizens of Nsoatre’ -led to an uneasy calm in the town, but some members of the traditional council did their best with the support of the Brong-Ahafo Regional Security Council to help deal with the situation.

At a meeting organized by the members of the Traditional Council at the Hinneh Afranfo Palace and attended by some citizens of the traditional area, the Krontihene of the Nsoatre Traditional Council, Nana Obeng Effa Kokurodurofour III, called on the youth to desist from dabbling in the chieftaincy dispute and support the move to renovate the Palace as a first move to restore peace.

He added that the Nsoatre stool was a preserve for only royals and it would be better if the youth in the area channeled   their exuberance into productive ventures instead of   allowing themselves to be used by some few and selfish individuals to stimulate trouble.  

However, during the weekend, reports started emerging that one of the contesting chiefs, Professor Nana Kromansa had allegedly issued letters to some of the sub-chiefs, indicating that he would destool them.

Some of the chiefs alleged to have received such letters, include the Krontihene, Nana Obeng Effah, Ankobeahene, Nana Baffour Awuah, Dwantoahene, Nana Ampaabeng Kyeremeh Baffour Sikani and the Akwamuhene, Nana Asi Kwasi.

The said information about the alleged destoolment of the aforementioned chiefs infuriated their family members and members of the community, who decided to use all violent means to prevent Professor Nana Kromansa from carrying out his uncustomary actions.

Upon hearing of the looming danger at Nsoatre, over the chieftaincy dispute, the Regional Police Command detailed personnel to the town, with the support of Army personnel from the 3 rd Garrison in Sunyani, to avert chaos.

The Krontihene of Nsoatre, Nana Obeng Effa confirmed the presence of the joint police and military presence in the Nsoatre Township. According to him, their presence was prudent, because all the targeted sub-chiefs who received copies of the letters and their kinsmen were highly charged and armed with arms, to face the Professor and his group.

According to Nana Obeng Effah, the Professor, out of his selfish interest has damaged the reputation and development of the Nsoatre Traditional Council for too long, and it was about time ‘men must stand to fight for the peace of the area.’

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