Police Cursed With ‘Antoa Nyamaah’

Mohammed Alhassan, IGP

Mohammed Alhassan, IGP

POLICEMEN WHO violently attacked residents of Kenyasi who were demonstrating over the poor road network in their area last week, are said to be living in fright, following reports that they have been cursed with the dreaded ‘Antoa’ river deity.

The residents, notably those who suffered injuries at the hands of the police, claimed they had cursed the policemen who attacked them, with the dreaded ‘Antoa Nyamaah’ river deity.

This dreadful news came to light when the Ashanti Regional Minister, Eric Opoku, visited the area to access the injuries sustained by the victims of the demonstration at Kenyasi last Friday.

The Kenyasi residents refused to listen to Eric Opoku when he attempted to address them in the open about government’s plan to fix the poor road network in the area.

Most of the Kenyasi residents who spoke to the paper on conditions of anonymity said their refusal to listen to the minister did not mean they had no respect for him.

They explained that they had cursed the policemen who attacked them, with the ‘Antoa’ river deity and believed their attackers would be sternly dealt with in due course.

As part of conditions of their curse, it was not allowed for them to try to broker peace with their attackers; hence their refusal to listen to the minister who they suspected wanted to unite them with the police.

Interestingly, Kenyasi is very close to Antoa where the dreaded river deity ‘Antoa Nyamaah’ is located. So the people believe that their request to the river goddess would be answered in a rapid manner.

Meanwhile, victims of the police brutalities at Kenyasi near Kumasi have received a GH¢2,000 from the Regional Minister, to defray their cost of treatment.

The Ashanti Minister accompanied by the regional security capos, stormed Kenyasi on Friday to personally access the extent of injuries suffered by the victims, including women.

Addressing the leadership of the demonstrators at the Kenyasi Chief’s palace, the Ashanti Regional Minister said the GH¢2,000 was to help the victims of the police brutalities in the area to get treated properly.

There was bloodbath at Kenyasi about a week ago when rampaging policemen, who were armed-to-the-teeth, violently attacked residents demonstrating against bad roads in the area.

Mr Opoku described the incident which resulted in several people sustaining various degrees of body injury as unfortunate and regrettable, hoping it would not be repeated.

The Minister admonished the people of Kenyasi to remain calm and abide by the laws of the land always to ensure peace and promote rapid development of the area.

According to him, the concerns of Kenyasi residents, in particular, the bad road network, which resulted in the demonstration, would be looked into by government very soon.

Mr Opoku admitted that indeed the road network at Kenyasi and its nearby areas was in a deplorable state, assuring that very soon the road would be fixed to ensure free movement of people and goods.

 FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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