Police Commanders Turn Borrowers

Information Gathered by the Daily Heritage newspaper from the corridors of the Ghana Police Service reveals that for the past six months, the various regional commands that see to the day-to-day running of the administration across the country have not been provided with monies on imprest submitted for fuel from the national headquarters.

According to some regional commanders, they are virtually running operations from their personal pockets, as well as borrowing from pump stations, practically reducing them into beggars in the eyes of the public.

“Most of the vehicles we use for our operations have been inactive for sometime now because there is no money for fuel, in fact, we are in a fix,”they lamented.

Investigations conducted further revealed that the police headquarters have also impressed upon the regional commands to cut down on their imprest for fuel from GH10,000.00 to GH3,000.00 monthly.

But, even with the reduce amount of GH3,000.00, the regional commands have still not been provided with the funds for the past six months, compelling the commanders to resort to borrowing or dish out monies from their personal pockets.