Omanhene of Larteh sued for breach of oath

There is growing tension between the Chief of Larteh, Nana Okoo Ababio III, and his Nkosuohemaa, Nana Esi Koree, popularly known as Lady Tamara.

The two are at loggerheads over an alleged breach of oath, which Nana Ababio had convinced Nana Koree to swear at a shrine and undergo other rituals with the pretext of liberating the people of Larteh from the bondage of the Akropongs. The Lartehs have over the years been swearing allegiance to the chief of Akropong.

She explained that the rituals at the Denteh shrine in the Volta Region was supposed to help the people of Larteh gain economic freedom as they sought independence from Akropong.

She however said she is disappointed that the Chief, Nana Ababio has secretly returned the people of Larteh to Akropong contrary to the oath they swore at the Denteh shrine.

Even though she agrees aspects of the issue are spiritual, she has taken up the issue in court to seek justice.

Joy News’ Fred Smith reports that the Nkosuohemaa claims following the alleged breach of the oath, she has been living in constant fear of death as she sees strange objects in her sleep.

According to her, she was made to drink concoctions and undergo certain rituals she cannot disclose as she agreed to put her life in danger in order to save her people from poverty, deprivation and misery in the Larteh Township.

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