Nigeria: If Jesus Stood As A Presidential Candidate, There’ll Still Be Disagreements – T.B Joshua

Nigeria’s 2015 general elections will be fraught with and marred by disagreements over election results, Prophet T.B. Joshua has prophesied.

According to him, even if Jesus Christ stood as one of the Presidential Candidates, there will still be disagreements over the results.

‘In Nigeria, this is the challenge we’re going to face, [a] challenge of disagreements’, the Nigerian Prophet warned. According to him, ‘no matter [what], even if Jesus comes down to be a Candidate, they’ll not agree’.

Prophet Joshua said: ‘They’ll want to fight’, adding that: ‘We have to pray’.

His prophecy in Church on Sunday, February 9, 2014, about Nigeria’s forthcoming general election was one of several other prophecies about African countries.

He warned that Ghana’s economy, for instance, will face serious crises and therefore urged Ghanaians to pray for a revival of their countries currency, the Cedi, which has lost significant value against the dollar and other major international currencies.

Prophet Joshua also said Kenya, South Africa and Tazania, amongst others, will face difficulties this year.