LEAKED: R2Bees (My Song) To Be Released At Exactly 12 Pm Today

The best music duo in Ghana so far, R2bees which consists of the king of hooks, Mugeez and the king of Pralem, Paedae, is yet to send GhJoy.Com for what they are about to do at exactly 12pm today.

After gettng a collosal endorsement deal from Star Beer, R2bees has putten emoticons into lyrics and called it music which would have been released at the approprate time for their fans missing their verses. But somehow, information reaching us shows that, GhJoy.Com has the song and will release it today at exactly 12 pm even with or without the approval from the team of R2bees. The song is dubbed – MY SONG

Talking to the CEO of GhJoy.Com Bossu Kule, he stated, I have the song in my mail for lemme say days now, i dunno how it managed to get into my mail. Initially, i thought its a song that has been released by R2bees already so as a blogger, i just need to help push the song. I then checked the title of the song (R2bees – My Song) online to see if i could find a cover art from any other blogger who has it released.

Unfortunately, i couldnt get any single post about the song online. I was like, how can R2bees release a song and not even a single blogger has it posted on his site.I checked popular websites like Ameyawdebrah, Omgghana, Bigx, zionfelix, Ghentertainers, Enews, Nydjlive, infact a whole lot of websites but couldnt find this song on any of them. I was surprised so i got back to my media player, played the song over and over again if its really from R2bees. I need not to be a psychic to tell songs done by R2bees when it has the voice of Mugeez and Paedae. A very melodic song with a new style from this music duo which i strongly believe most musicians will start to follow soon.

I emailed back the account that sent me this song trying to find more details about this particular song from R2Bees but till now the account hasnt replied to my last mail. I wouldnt have released the song though but because of how melodic it is, i cant be that greedy to be listening to the song alone in my monitors. I prefer sharing good songs so ive decided to release it at exactly 12pm today for every one to get a copy and am not ready to go to court so I’m hoping this does not generate any Bench issues lolz…

That’s quite a funny statement and yeah we all hope a brother from another mother do not end up answering questions. I hope to get a copy of the song too for my readers to enjoy. As Bossu Kule said, its a good song that needs to be shared so when i get hold of it, im definitely going to share it as well…

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