Israeli University Offers Scholarships In Post Graduate Child Development Programme

Accra, Ghana, 10th February 2014: Haifa University in Israel has initiated a new scholarship program for exceptional professionals interested in pursuing their post graduate education in Child Development. The scholarship will cover tuition and living expenses.

The newly introduced MA programme is a multidisciplinary one, specially designed to provide training in core areas of child development, including development of the whole child from birth through adolescence, family studies, and research design and methodology. The program has a uniquely applied focus and integrates many areas relevant to child development, such as early childhood education, special education, counseling, and social work; and is aimed at graduates from the fields of Education, Child psychology, Social work, Pediatric nursing and other related fields.

It also seeks to increase the quality, quantity and professional knowledge and training of child care professionals who treat children who are growing up harmful environments. Thanks to the expertise, experience and interest in child development accumulated at the centre, the developmental program is uniquely positioned to help bridge the science-practice gap at the international level and make an impact on the lives of children at risk in developing countries.

Taught in English over three semesters from October to September, the program is designed to prepare the next generation of international experts who will focus on pressing questions regarding the nature of child development and how it applies to the lives of children and their families in developing countries. This unique program equips professionals with the knowledge and the skills that are required to affect and influence the well-being of children and their families.

Prospective applicants interested in pursuing the programme are encouraged to visit and follow the instructions to apply. Accepted candidates to the programme will then be offered scholarship. Deadline for application is on the 15th of March, 2014. During March, representatives of the University of Haifa will be coming to Ghana to give information about the program and hold interviews with relevant candidates.

The Haifa University is a diverse, multicultural institution that distinguishes itself through the pursuit of a multidisciplinary approach to research and teaching and has become one of Israel’s leading comprehensive research institutions.

For more information, please visit or [email protected]

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