Hotel Manager Bolts With 2 American Passports

The manager of Suma Court Hotel at Kwabenya is wanted for allegedly bolting with the passports of two Americans.

However, Joana Yeboah, another staff who together with Doduo seized the passports, is standing trail for conspiracy and stealing.

According to police, the two Americans (names withheld) were in Ghana for a university exchange programme and booked an advance accommodation for the period of their stay from January 13 -24 at the said hotel, costing $14,562.

A lecturer of the University of Ghana, Legon, booked the accommodation on behalf of the students before they came to Ghana.

It was mentioned that an advance payment of $10,000 at that time, representing 70% of the total cost, was made.

When the two Americans were leaving on January 24 the balance of $4,562 was not paid. The lecturer who booked the hotel promised to pay the balance on February 7.

The police explained that the manager and another staff insisted on making photocopies of their passports.

According to the police, when the passport was handed over to them, they refused to return them to the Americans, stating that the passports would only be returned after the balance has been paid into Doduo’s personal account.

A report was made to the police.

The two foreigners were supposed to have travelled to Portugal for another exchange programme.

The US embassy in Accra gave the Americans provisional documents to travel to Portugal and return to Ghana for their passports.

On January 27, the lecturer paid the balance to the police, who went to the hotel, but Eric had bolted with the passport.