Afro Moses Thrills Fans At +233 As He Unveils ‘I Want To Be Happy’

The incredible legendary Ghanaian artiste, Afro Moses who is known globally for his energetic performances and instrument playing was once again in his elements over the weekend at +233 Bar & Grill restaurant as he unveiled his new CD titled ‘I Want To Be Happy’ in Accra.

Afro who has graced many international stages with various A list artistes including; The Wailers, Michael Franti, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Damian Marley and many others kept audience dancing and singing along to his songs after a tremendous show opener by his guest artist and Ghanaian US based singer Lady Talata.

After performing for over an hour and a half, he introduced and acknowledged the presence of some of his colleagues, the likes of Adolf Tagoe also popularly known as the ‘kakalika’ dance man, Gyedu Blay Ambulley and Atongo who also took the opportunity to share some few words with audience through music. Afro then took over the stage again and climaxes the entire show with his two most popular songs ‘Police’ and ‘Chiooboi’.

Speaking with him after the show, he said he hasn’t performed in Ghana for a very long time and has really missed his home based fans. He urged music enthusiasts to join him on the 14th of February, 2014 at the ULTIMATE inside Nungua in Accra as he entertains lovers on the Val’s night. He also revealed he will appear again in an open air concert on Women’s Day on the 8th of March this year.

‘Afro Moses is doing well. I’m excited about tonight’s performance and as far back as 2001 he’s been honoured with a life time achievement award by the Ghana Music Awards for what he’s doing internationally for Ghana and I want to urge him on to do his very best. He’s one of the most exciting artist, original we have around in the industry. I expect Moses to showcase the music and artistry of Ghana on the global platforms and should just get better’ Daddy Bosco said in a separate interview.

Ambulley and Atongo also couldn’t hide their excitements about the show and had this to say; ‘It been a wonderful show, the coordination and everything was tight and you see that they’ve been able to rehearse together to get the sound and everything together and that makes me proud of them. We are people of culture and everything and Afro Moses combines the cultures aspect to what he does, the reggae, orchestra and all that and you can see he’s paved his own way to express his culture to the whole world. I think Ghanaians need to respect what we’ve contributed and support what we have because if we don’t do these ourselves, I see no one doing it for us. They have to pay more ears to what we doing’ Ambulley said.

‘Afro Moses is one of the greatest and has always get his audience on and that’s very good. This has been a great show. We you see musicians like this you easily recognised them by their work. One can easily identify me with what I do, recognise Fella Kuti, and all that’ Atongo chipped in. Adolf Tagoe expressed his support for his music brother and thank audience and the media especially for gracing the show.

Reagan O.O. Osarfo
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