Our Leaders Think Us ‘Idiots’, ‘Fools’ – Lloyd Amoah

Afro-China Analyst Dr Lloyd Amoah says Ghana’s leaders – both past and present – see the masses as ‘idiots’ and ‘fools’, who can easily be taken advantage of.

According to the Ashesi University Lecturer, there’s a plethora of evidence from past and current developments to buttress that point.

‘There are more than enough reasons not to trust those who hold and have held power in our beloved Republic and their elite compradors.

‘A new educational system was introduced in the 80s. The master architects of that process who called themselves revolutionaries (no easy sobriquet to assume) allowed their children to avoid it like a plague.

‘They sent their kids to the snazy schools and left the children of ordinary, law abiding folk to get the poisoned education’.

According to him, ‘they removed the subsidies from the public hospitals and left them to rot. When they are sick they go abroad and announce it to us like a badge of great honour’.

‘The rest of us fools are left to our miserable fate; to die when just a few cedis would have kept the hospitals as havens of humane healing and care’, Dr Amoah bewailed.

In a polemic on his facebook wall, Dr Amoah vented out that besides the education and health sectors, Ghana’s leaders have played similar games with the country’s housing, transport and economic sectors.

‘They stopped building and providing public housing and have built for themselves palatial redoubts from monies incommensurate with the pay from their putative public service’.

He said: ‘They have made us believe that this pervert, dehumanising transport system of death and maiming is our birth right while they luxuriate in cushy vehicles barricaded against the pot holes their perfidy has created’.

On the recent directives announced by the Central Bank toward salvaging the depreciating local currency, Dr Amoah said: ‘And today they sit behind the table and tell us in the face to surrender our hard earned foreign currency because they love our Republic so much. It is not hard to figure out that it might be one of those tricks made for our pauperization while they keep their quadrizillion dollars intact’.

‘We are after all their useful idiots whom they have abused and improvished and spat upon ever since I was born a citizen of this Republic’, he added.