NDC Needs All On board – Ade Coker

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Ade Coker has called on Ghanaians to be patient with President John Dramani Mahama as he works around the clock to salvage the economy.

Speaking on Radio Gold, Hon. Ade Coker implored the entire nation to rally behind the President and his government to resolve the economic pressures on them.

To him, President John Mahama is putting measures in place to enhance the progress of the country.

He, however, advised the ruling NDC government to speed up measures to ensure that “all the manifesto promises that we made are fulfilled because that is what 2016, Ghanaians are going to judge us about.”

Hon. Ade Coker also called on the NDC to unite and strengthen the party structures to clinch victory in the 2016 general elections.

According to her, it would be a ‘disaster’ should the party split up and so, earnestly called for ‘synergy’ in the NDC government.

“We need to put everybody on board to soften the ground. We appreciate the difficulties that we are all going through. And so, it behoves on the party to be one, stand firm and ensure that we rally behind our various leaders. We can’t afford to get disorganized or disunited. It will be a disaster.”