IHAV Foundation Gives Back To Society ‘Pieces For Peace’

IHAV Foundation, an NGO that seeks to inspire and challenge youth across Africa to envision change and ACT on it, has donated several items to orphanages in the Greater Accra region, Ghana on January 25th,2014.

The donation worth over Gh₵ 5000.00 was to five orphanages in Tema and Accra, which included food items and clothing. Beneficiaries of this donation included Teshie Orphanage, The Lords Arm Orphanage, Save the Young Mission International, Remar Ghana and StreetWise Orphanage.

As a part of its internal campaign to support youth development through capacity building, the President of the organization, Ms Christabel Ofori, stated that the Pieces for Peace idea was initiated to get upcoming fashion designers and fashion houses to exhibit their works by sewing African prints for the kids. She mentioned that spending time with these orphanages and donating the items to them was to make them know that youthful organizations such as IHAV cared for children in these orphanages and wanted them to feel loved. In her words most people think of used clothes whenever donations comes to mind but IHAV Foundation thought about giving each child two new clothes designed to fit them.

In collaboration with Dress-A-Kid, IHAV foundation gathered pieces of fabric from individuals across the country and gave them out to be sewn for the various orphanages after gathering information on sizes of children in these orphanages.

On the day there was a bus to pick people that were willing to join the group make the donation at various pick up points both in Accra and in Tema.

The first orphanage the group visited was the Teshie Orphanage, where the group was briefed on how the orphanage was formed. Though old and not very well, the joy on the founder’s face when the group showed up to make the donation couldn’t be hidden. Everyone that went with the group dressed at least one child with the exception of those that have reached the adolescent age and were shy to dress in front of the group.

The next stop was to The Lords Arm Orphanage also in Teshie and indeed the good Lord had stretched His Arm upon them. Pieces for Peace had just come at a right time for them, because to them it was to climax the wonderful start to the year they have had. An NGO in the United States of America had just been kind enough to relocate the orphanage from its ‘land dispute’ location so the new clothing was a sign of a new start and new life for the kids.

The reception in Tema was amazing as the group reached the third orphanage Save them Young Mission International. The kids were happy to see the group and pleased with the drinks, toffees and other goodies. The team spent time with the kids dressing them up and taking pictures; it was all joy and merry making.

At Tema Remar Rehabilitation Center, which was the team’s fourth stop for the day, only about 15 boys were present as most of them had gone for an eye check up. They were clothed in the shirts, and given some goodies whilst the team was briefed on the centers activities.

Finally ,IHAV hit the road with destination Chorkor in mind, to visit SteetWise Orphanage. The team looked exhausted at this stage but was determined to finish on the high after a long day. Most of the people in the bus had never been to Chorkor and were curious to see the place. The facilities there were amazing, especially with a beautiful beach view and a well stuffed library. The head of the Orphanage took as round the place and told us the plans He had for the Orphanage but lacked monetary support especially from the Social Welfare.

Certain things cut across in all the Orphanages visited, and these are:

• Not much support from the Social Welfare
• Lack of donations from individuals and organizations

• Lack of infrastructure
• Inadequate volunteers and teachers

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