Free Fall Of Cedi….Gov’t Was Not Truthful To Ghanaians

Member of Parliament (MP) for Obuasi West, Hon Kwaku Kwarteng says had government avoided the propaganda and focused on dealing with the issues ‘as it is, we will not be in this current situation’.

The MP for Obuasi West was commenting on the fall of the cedi as well as Bank of Ghana’s intervention and measures to make the currency rise again.

Hitherto, government through the Finance Ministry said the country had attained single digit inflation, and its communicators described the economy as the fastest growing economy. Thus to all intents and purposes, the country was doing well as far as the economy was concerned. Therefore one might ask; what happened?

Offering an answer, Hon Kwarteng, speaking on PeaceFM’s “Kokrokoo” said government was just refusing to face facts and deal with the issue because if truly the country had the fastest growing economy; things should be getting better and not worse.

According to him, “they (government) were engaging in propaganda instead of facing facts and dealing with it but we should learn a lesson from this. We must be truthful in dealing with issues in the country. Had government been honest we will not have been in this current state”.

He, however, urged the opposition parties not to politicize the issue but rather called for a collective approach to solving the problem.

“We should back government to put things right; that should be the focus and not embark on a blame game…,” he advised.