FONKAR Resurrects????…As Mrs Rawlings Kick starts NDP Rebuilding

Just when many thought the burning political threat posed by the radical ‘Friends of Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings’ (FONKAR) to the ruling National Democratic Congress has evaporated following the defection of its rank and file back to their mother party, the NDC, reports reaching The Al-Hajj suggest all may not be well after all.

Reports intercepted by this paper revealed how some aggrieved members of the NDC in the regions, most of who were members of the defunct FONKAR but had to ditch Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and her NDP ahead of the 2012 elections to support President Mahama’s campaign are regrouping to resurrect the defunct political group.

Currently riding on the wings of similar allegations against erstwhile Mills administration that gave birth to the group, FONKAR, these disgruntled members of the NDC are said to be regrouping to stage another deadly political war aimed at disciplining the ruling party for neglecting them after they helped it to win the 2012 elections.

Information picked by this paper suggest that majority of FONKAR members especially those up North who retraced their roots to the NDC after Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings lost the flagbearership slot to late Prof Mills at the Sunyani congress in 2011, are complaining of neglect and unfulfilled promises.

The growing attrition and despondency among the FONKAR members is said to have reached a crescendo, as a result of which some of them are reportedly gradually withdrawing from the NDC folds and knocking on the doors of Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings.

Credible reports intercepted by The Al-Hajj indicates that the NDC Founder’s wife, taking solace in the Biblical prodigal son passage, has accepted the remorseful FONKAR guys and has already dispatched a quantity of motorbikes up North for them to start some ground works ahead of the 2016 elections.

The former first lady, who had her presidential dreams dashed after the Electoral Commission rejected her nomination forms for non-completion of it, is said to be covertly meeting some members of FONKAR and NDC persuading them to join the National Democratic Party.

Sources close to Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings told The Al-Hajj the failed presidential candidate has not back down on her presidential ambition and as part of plans to give it a further push, she has started injecting resources into making the NDP more attractive to members of the NDC and Ghanaians in general in order to make the NDP a force to reckon with come 2016 elections.

“It’s true…, it’s true, madam brought us 50 motor bikes before the Christmas and we are happy, what has the NDC done for those of us who defied her to support John Mahama’s bid?” an aggrieved FONKAR member responding to our inquiry last Tuesday.

Though majority of FONKAR members abandoned her and endorsed President Mahama in the 2012 elections, wife of the NDC founder is said to have forgiven them their sins and currently resourcing them to resurrect the once vibrant and troublesome political pressure group.

Plans are that members of FONKAR, just as they did to late Prof Mills will beginning next week start ‘troubling’ the Mahama-led administration, for doing less to fight corruption, neglecting the ideals of the party and abandoning the party grassroots whiles creating disunity in the party. Stay tuned