The NPP Election: May The Best Candidates Win

The New Patriotic Party (N.P.P) is poised to organize its Annual Delegates Conference to elect our leaders for the various National Executive positions to run the affairs of the party until 2018.

Article 9 of our Constitution, further amended on 22nd August 2009, states inter alia in clause 4, that the National Annual Delegates Conference shall also (b) Elect National Officers when required.

12th April, 2014 is our day. Some astute and qualified members of our party who are interested to contest and to serve this great party at the national level successfully picked nomination forms before the deadline.

The submission and payment of the appropriate filling fees and the subsequent acceptance by the party’s vetting committee is the final lap to be candidate to contest the 12th April, 2014 National Executives election.

I, Fred Kwaku Amankwah – Sarfo, a willing and capable aspirant to the high office of the National Vice Chairperson do hereby, by this press statement pledge to conduct myself and my campaign with utmost respect, decorum and circumspection devoid of acrimony and rancor towards all and every contestant.

I humbly urge any person or group of persons who may by themselves or have been officially appointed to work with and for the Fred Kwaku Amankwah – Sarfo for N.P.P Vice Chair Campaign Team to as well conduct themselves to reflect my humble conduct and core values.

I humbly urge all my supporters to conduct our campaign in the most professional manner as possible.

Appeal to the sentiments of delegates to vote for me based my humble leadership credentials, core competences and capabilities to work in harmony with a dedicated team at the National Executive level and to help put in place appropriate systems and structures and value chain programs required to win the empathy of the good people of Ghana in the run up to election 2016.

 The most important is how we can all contribute our efforts as we thrive to achieve our common stated objectives.

Vote for a man with the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to bring on board the three tier approach of unity, effective communication and the implementation of strategic plans to help our party, the N.P.P win election 2016. Thank you.

Fred Amankwah – Sarfo

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