Samini, Shatta Wale Call For Public Debate

The emergence of battle or beefing among musicians, which turn to muddy their careers, has emerged amongtwo popular dance hall artistes in the Ghanaian music industry, namely Samini Dagarti and Shatta Wale.

The general public and corporate Ghana would love to know why the talented musicians would threaten their career with such mediocrity, just in the name of ‘turf-war’ defense in the music industry.

I have witnessed the progression of these two musicians who have their strength in reggae or dance hall music and have taken the game to another level to show their followers what it takes to define your grounds in the music industry.

The recent musical event at the “Guinness Eruption show” saw Akon, Shatta Wale, Whiz Kid and Samini head lining the show. During the show, however, there was some visible tension between followers of both artistes.

Over the past weekend,   Samini for the first time in so many months cleared the air about his stance on the beef with Shatta Wale at Peace Fm “Entertainment Review” hosted by Akuasi Abaegy.

According to Samini, it is the first time that he is expressing disappointment and a lot of hurt over the attitude of Shatta Wale and his manager Bull Dog.

Samini spoke with anguish saying though he had never offended Shatta Wale in any way, Shatta is bent on attacking his personality, insulting his family and defaming his brand.

‘I have not done anything against him (Shatta Wale). I want Peace FM to invite us to sit side by side. That would serve as the best forum for him to repeat every single allegation he has against me so I address them constructively for every listener to understand where the truth lies.

‘I am ready to be there but would be there when he is ready to come and put every allegation on board for us to address one after the other,’ Samini stressed.

Samini explained further: ‘This is not just about us shaking hands and forgetting everything. You have misdirected and misled certain people into thinking I am a certain guy that I am really not. We have to address every topic from the fact that he said I had hired people in the UK to kill him.

‘He is also saying I don’t want promoters to put him on their shows. I want one promoter to come out and defend what that guy said. And I would pay that promoter the money he lost from that show.

‘A big man like me with four children, you call me other names. He must explain to me his proof. The accusations should be raised by him when we meet so I also explain for the public to know that 100 percent or 99 percent of the things he is saying are fabrications.

‘ His manager, Bull Dog, years back would meet me backstage and tell me that he wants to beat that guy (Shatta Wale) for me because the guy was fooling and he (Bull Dog) only wants clearance from me to beat him up.

‘Today, Bull Dog is behaving as if he has a fight with me because he manages Shatta. But Bull Dog knows he used to come to my shows, remove his shirt, breathing profusely, jumping up and down and sweating all over. You, Bull Dog, today because you oppose me, you sit on TV to say my brand is not marketable”, he said.

‘These things are propaganda people are raising to brand me in a way that I am not. But right now that Akwasi Aboagye has opened the lid, I am ready and open to address this issue and put it to rest once and for all. I am ready on condition that he is coming with a list of all his allegations so I also raise my defence. …I know in my heart I have not done anything against him and I don’t even have time for him, and that is why I have not responded all this while.

‘What worries me is when an individual insults my mother and my family. This is an individual who goes on stage and says Samini should ‘suck his mother’ on almost every stage he mounts in all the ghettos.’

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