Otumfuo’s Spiritualist Curses Rumor Mongers

HEAD of the Nsumankwa (spiritual) division of Asanteman, Baffuor Asabre Kogyawoasu Ababio III, has stated that the faceless people behind the Asantehene death rumour will be dealt with severely by the gods of Asanteman.

The head of spiritualists in the Asante Kingdom said Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, who occupies the Golden Stool, was being protected spiritually by the river and other deities in the kingdom, day and night.

He therefore stated that if anyone hid and peddled falsehood about the Asantehene to tarnish the King’s image, the gods would surely fish them out and deal with them severely in the spiritual realm, which would reflect physically later on.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with DAILY GUIDE, the Nsumankwahene said if the Asante gods refused to strike now, those behind the Otumfuo death rumour should not think that they would go unpunished.

The Asantehene’s spiritualist stated that the gods in Asanteman in due time would strike in a brutal fashion at those who peddled lies about Otumfuo.

According to him, the perpetrators of the wicked lies would not escape the ‘sharp lenses’ of the gods of Asanteman, adding that the deities would definitely find them and deal with the culprits in a devastating fashion.

Baffuor Kogyawoasu Ababio III cautioned the masses to avert peddling falsehood about the Asante Monarch so as to avert being attacked brutally by the gods in the kingdom, noting that Otumfuo was not a person to trifle with.

Aside the protection of the river and other gods in Asanteman, he noted that Christians and Muslims in the country also pray fervently for the Asantehene all the time, so it was impossible for anybody to try to take Otumfuo’s life.

He said though the Asantehene was a mortal who would definitely join his ancestors one day, in the spiritual realm, nothing showed that Otumfuo was about to kick the bucket anytime soon.

The Nsumankwahene said immediately the rumour about the Asantehene’s death started emerging, he quickly consulted the gods of Asanteman “and Nananom revealed to me that King Osei Tutu II was alive and in good health in South Africa.”

He said he was therefore not frightened, at the time, about the rumour, which was spreading like wild fire, pointing out that the gods even revealed to him that Otumfuo Osei Tutu II had a lot more years to live on earth.

Baffuor Kogyawoasu Ababio III suspected that some people who were envious of the might and greatness of Asanteman, and Otumfuo in particular, were the ones that peddled the false reports that the King had gone to the village.

According to him, those behind the speculations would suffer the dire consequences for their deeds in a manner which they would never forget.

He said Asanteman started celebrating the 15 years of Otumfuo’s reign on the Golden Stool on Tuesday when the King safely returned from South Africa, charging the entire country to join in the celebrations to make Otumfuo’s reign memorable.