KMA Increases Business Operating Rates

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has increased its rates and fees on business operating entities in the metropolis by 50 per cent for the 2014 fiscal year.

The fees have been stable from 2010 to 2013 under the Imposition of Rates (IR) and Free Fixing Resolution (FFR) of the KMA.

Under the IR and the FFR, financial institutions were among the businesses with the highest payment of rates to the assembly.

The Local Government Act (Act 462 of 1993), specifically Part VII, sections 94 to 119, gives the assembly the authority to increase the rates businesses pay to the KMA to enhance its revenue mobilisation.

However, a copy of booklets containing the new rates the Daily Graphic chanced upon showed that advertising agencies in categories A, B and C, representing large, medium and small businesses, paid GH¢500, GH¢300 and GH¢200, respectively from 2010 to 2013 per annum.

With the introduction of the new rate for 2014, all advertising agencies in the three categories will pay GH¢750, GH¢450 and GH¢300, respectively.

Again, from 2010 to 2013, books and stationery shops in categories A, B and C paid GH¢200, GH¢150 and GH¢50, respectively, but for 2014, they are required to pay GH¢500, GH¢250 and GH¢125, respectively.

Commissioners of oath paid GH¢24 per annum from 2010 to 2013 but they are required to pay GH¢48 in 2014.

Art galleries in categories A and B from 2010 to 2013 paid GH¢100 and GH¢50, respectively, but they are to pay GH¢250 and GH¢125, respectively, in 2014.

The Public Relations Officer of the KMA, Mr Godwin Okumah Nyame, in an interview with the Daily Graphic, asked the businesses and the public to bear with the assembly on the increased rates.

He said the increase was realistic to help the KMA meet its operational cost by checking waste management and also support developmental projects within the metropolis.