Kenpong secure international travel partnership ahead of World Cup

Representatives of Kenpong Travel and Tour in Brazil to seal the deal

Representatives of Kenpong Travel and Tour in Brazil to seal the deal

Kenpong Travel and Tour (KT&T) have entered into a partnership with two key international agencies over their travel package for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The Ghanaian-owned travel agency will be collaborating with Lux Tourismo in Brazil and Canadian flight service providers Worldwide Charter.

Lux Tourismo will be working as the ground service providers while in Brazil.

They will be securing accommodation, internal transportation and other key services to the specifications of KT&T.>

Officials of Kenpong travel and tour with their international counterparts

Worldwide Charter on the other hand will be providing the exclusive chartered flight for KT&T’s travel plans for the World Cup.

The Canadian flight service providers are noted for transporting supporters from Ivory Coast to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

“Lux Tourismo are going to be the operational agency while in Brazil,” Financial Director of KT&T George Amoako explained in a press briefing on Thursday having returned to Brazil after sealing the partnership agreements.

“They will be taking care of accommodation, transportation and interactions with Brazilian agencies.>

George Amoako checking out one of the coaches to be used in Brazil

“They will also be giving us multi-lingual tourist guides to take our clients to various tourist sites while in Brazil.

“We have already secured accommodation for 900 people through our partnership with Lux Tourismo.

“For Worldwide Charter, they are providing the aircraft and will be responsible for the flight arrangements.”

KT&T are determined to offer unique travel packages for Ghanaians interested in travelling to Brazil to witness the 2014 World Cup.

The Ghanaian travel agency is offering packages of $6,250 and $10,500 for a 15-day stay in Brazil.


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