I’m A Rich Businessman In A “Poor And Unattractive” PNC – Hassan Ayariga

Hassan Ayariga of the People’s National Convention, has recently come under series of fire following allegations that he has embezzled GHC1.6 million belonging to the party.

The Treasurer of the party, David Apasara, further accused him of hijacking and hoarding party cars.

This news called for a rapid response from Mr. Ayariga who spoke to Okay FM to deny the story. According to him, he has never taken monies and other assets belonging to the party for his personal use. He explained that the party was “unattractive” and had it not been for his timely intervention, the PNC would have been nailed in the coffin by now.

He called on all those making the allegation to come out and prove how vibrant the party was before denting his image. He challenged them to provide evidence to back their claim that he has stolen the party’s funds.

In a loud and angry tone, he stated that “there is no such money in the PNC. I am neither the accountant nor secretary for the party. I’m also not the treasurer and I don’t sign bank cheques on behalf of the party. I have even managed to set up the best office amongst all the presidential candidates we have currently.

The party never gave me GHC 1 to help fund my campaign. I organized my own money and bought my own cars. It is unfortunate that after I have come in as a flagbearer and committed my own resources, people just sit outside and say i have taken money from others”.

Giving a detailed account concerning the current status of the party, he explained that as leader, it was extremely difficult for him to convince people to donate to the party.

Mr. Ayariga explained that business operators wouldn’t want to invest in the party because it was unattractive. And for the few who helped; he explained that they did so because he was flagbearer of the party.