I Can Protect NPP Votes -Hopson Adorye

An aspiring National Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party, Hopson Adorye-Okesie, yesterday said he remained the man to beat in the contest, rejecting reports that John Boadu had taken a commanding lead in the race. The New Statesman yesterday reported that John Boadu “now appears to have taken a commanding lead in the contest for the next National Organiser of the leading opposition party.”

But, reacting to the story from the Northern region, where he is currently campaigning, Mr Adorye insisted the realities on the ground show that he is the one the party delegates are convinced could carry out effective work as the National Organiser of the party.

“It is not true on the ground that John has taken the commanding lead. I am the one who is leading the race. The delegates are saying I’m the one who can do the work, because they want a strong man who is radical and can face the NDC boot-for-boot and they say I am the one who can do that for the party,” he stated.

According to Hopson, experiences from the 2012 general elections, as was seen during the Presidential Election Petition trial, had shown that “the NPP needs a radical organiser who can protect our votes at the polling stations in the 2016 election and I am the one who can do than work for the party.”

“Ghanaians are worried that they always vote for us and we don’t protect the votes. I am the one who have what it takes to protect the votes. I lead the party executives at the polling stations to take control of activities at the polling stations on the day of election and make sure our votes are protected. 2016 is not going be an easy task and we need strong, radical people like myself who can lead the party to take the victory by force,” the aspirant added.

Hopeson Adorye is currently a member of the communications team of the NPP, a leading member of the Young Patriots, and a former Constituency Secretary of the NPP in the Kpone Katamanso constituency.

His radical approach to politics is not very different from the incumbent Alhaji Bamba he is seeking to unseat

Mr Adorye says he wants the job of NPP Organiser so that he can work as the leader of the party’s grassroots to help wrestle power from the NDC in 2016.

“I will be a National Organiser who will move to the villages because I am a village boy and so can mingle with all manners of people to win their trust and votes for the NPP,” he told the New Statesman.

“I am contesting for National position. I’m going for the National Organizer of New Patriotic Party…I want to offer myself to the party so that I can work hard to consolidate victory in 2016. I can do this because as a Director of Operations for Young Patriots, 2012 elections, we toiled in all the ten regions. Most of the people know what we did, our capabilities and all that,” he said when he declared his intention to contest the position.

According to him, the position demands a person who is undaunted by the circumstances of life, for which he is unmatched.

“As Organizer, you need someone who is bold and fearless. Those qualities I think I have it. I am result-oriented person,” he has indicated.

He has pledged to the party’s delegates that he would strengthen the party at the grassroots and encourage polling station executives to work with all their might, with an uncompromising attitude, to clinch victory for the NPP, come 2016.