Free-fall Of Cedi: Allow Duncan-Williams To Be…Blame Supreme Court Judges For Our Current Predicament

An aspiring National Youth Organizer of the biggest opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) wants Ghanaians to cease castigating the General Overseer of Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM), Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams for offering prayers to halt the depreciation of the cedi.

Richard Nyamah believes the revered Archbishop has played his spiritual role to help the cedi from further declining.

According to him, the Archbishop identified the problem of the country in both spiritual and physical dimensions requiring a man of God to deal with the spiritual aspect, and leaving the physical side of the problem to the President and his officials to handle.

He thus called on Ghanaians to let Archbishop Duncan-Williams be but blame the Supreme Court Judges for inflicting these hardships on Ghanaians saying the level of incompetence they displayed when they had the opportunity to put things right has led to the country’s current predicament.

The aspiring NPP National Youth Organizer indicted President Mahama, his Vice, the Finance Minister and Governor of the Bank of Ghana for being responsible for the depreciation of the cedi.

He claims the cedi has depreciated by 150 per cent against the dollar from 2009 to date, averaging 30 per cent on yearly basis.

Speaking on “Ghana Decides” program on Okay Fm, he posited that the $20 million dollars injected into certain areas of the economy to sustain the cedi by the Central Bank is “chicken feed”.

“The President doesn’t know what to do when it comes to running the economy; he is just sitting idle as First Gentleman. In all these, I don’t blame anybody but the Supreme Court Judges for putting us through this ordeal. They saw this incompetence at display but when they had the power to put things right, they cowardly maintained the status quo for fear of a repetition of 1980 events. How could the Supreme Court cowardly state that they (SC) in any country strives to maintain government in power? These are the people to blame for our woes…allow Duncan-Williams to continue with his prayers for the country,” he opined.