Family Exhumes 70yr-Old Grave For Gold Ornaments

A Family at Kokomlemle, a suburb of Accra on Wednesday morning exhumed the grave of a relative who was buried some seventy years ago with expensive gold ornaments and silver coins at the family house.

After the digging, the family’s expectations were met as gold ornaments worth millions of cedis were retrieve from the grave.

Items found include ounces of gold trinkets, gold rings, gold necklace, other gold ornaments, and silver coins believed to have been given to the dead by his loved ones to buy something on his way to the spirit world.

According to the family, the discovery would go a long way to transform the fortunes of the family and make room for total renovation of the entire house for the burial of other prominent and loving relatives.

A family member who supervised the exhumation told the Daily Heritage at the site that his great grandmother was the one who told his mother about their dead relative, whose name was mentioned as James Akwettey Wellbeck.

The man believed to be in his late forties told the paper that his mother had passed away and that there is the need to destroy the old grave to pave way for renovation of the whole house before his mother’s funeral next month.

According to the man, his ancestors have given consent for a benefiting burial for his beloved mother after extensive consultations, noting that he exhumation of the grave had turned out to be a blessing for the family with the discovery of the gold ornaments.

When the gold rings were exhumed, one of them had J.A.W. embossed on it to confirm the identity of the man who was buried some seventy years ago.