Estate Developers And Chiefs Behind The Supply Of Arms—Police Service

As news broke that residents of Agape near Accra have been threatened by the newly formed Armed Robbers Association(ARA), the Ghana Police Service has come to identify estate developers and chiefs as the brain behind the attacks.

The criminal cartel gave residents of the community a fixed date to pay not less than GH¢500 per tenant in each household to avoid incurring their wrath. But as reported in today’s edition of the Daily Graphic newspaper, residents have failed to meet that deadline, for which reason the gang continues to harass them.

Reacting to the news on Okay FM DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohuno, a Deputy Commissioner of Police called the bluff of the robbers claiming that they are true cowards with no balls.

He stated that ever since he joined the service to wipe out criminals, he has never come across a case whereby hardened criminals would issue threats to residents before tormenting them.

He revealed the preparedness of the police to deal with such “cowards”.

DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohuno however disclosed that the police service had uncovered facts that property owners and some local chiefs were fueling the chaotic actions of armed men by supplying them with guns to protect their lands.

“The land guards use the guns to protect the lands during the day and at night, they use the weapons to engage in robberies. We have uncovered that they get the guns from estate developers and some local chiefs who have lands,” he said.

He ended by warning estate developers and chiefs to stop purchasing guns for land guards and disclosed that they would not deal leniently with any culprit.

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