Boys, girls accommodated in common block at SEKDEAF

The school has a student population of 328 and currently, both boys and girls are accommodated in a one-story-block, with boys occupying the top floor while the girls are at the bottom floor.

Mr Frimpong told the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday that the situation had come about due to inadequate accommodation facilities, adding, ‘it’s not the best.’

‘The students are human beings and they have emotions and feelings and if a student could not control his feelings and enters the girls’ dormitory, what do you think will happen?’ he queried.

He said there was a GETFUND project of a girls’ dormitory which had stalled since 1992, and appealed to authorities concerned to fast-track its completion to accommodate the girls separately.

The only deaf and dumb school in the Western Region established in 1971, SEKDEAF had no administrative block, assembly and dining halls, while the only school bus had broken down.

Mr Frimpong said the school had not received the school feeding grant for the second term, saying, we recently received about GH¢2,500 from the government being the arrears for the first term.

‘Even that money had been used to pay our creditors because we have been crediting food to feed the children for a very long time,’ he added.

He therefore, appealed to philanthropists, non-governmental organisations and corporate bodies to also come to their aid.


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