The Extreme Sailor Sedlacek Is East From Madeira

It is already 20 days that the Extreme Sailor and his only 4.90 meter small FIPOFIX fight against the hurricane winds, the breaking sea and the tricky flow labyrinth of the North Atlantic in the south direction. From today, the FIPOFIX runs easterly Madeira to the course in the south direction through the changing winds northerly to the Canary Islands.

„I can hardly wait for the trade wind zone! Everything on board is wet, more than 2 weeks I wear my survival clothes and sail the FIPOFIX by hand. The autopilot and some navigation instruments are broken down!”

Nevertheless, the volcanic-prototype FIPOFIX and the skipper Sedlacek fight for every mile. “With every day I get closer and closer to the target, only this count!” reports the combatant Sedlacek via satellite phone.

The Project „Proof of Principle“ Open16 FIPOFIX, Update 05.02.2014

From continent to continent, the „Proof of Principle“ stands for the worldwide first attempt to cross the North Atlantic in an only 16 foot short sailing boat, entirely built from volcanic fiber, single-handed, nonstop and without any external assistance from east to west and subsequently from west to east by the dreadful northern route.

The Skipper Sedlacek faced the challenges of the dreadful Bay of Biscay, the wintery North Atlantic, the coldness, the stormy sea and now the deprivation and the loneliness of the trade wind zone. During the re-estimated sailing time of 60 days, Sedlacek will cover app. 4.500 nautical miles in an only 1.5 m² “protected” area. A unique sailing adventure which should prove that with an innovative product and material technology in combination with iron self-control nearly everything is possible.

16.01.2014, 17.10 MEZ
Gijón (ESP) – St. Augustine (USA) app. 4.400 nm, single-handed – nonstop – without any external assistance

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Extreme Sailor Sedlacek

Extreme Sailor Sedlacek

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