STATEMENT: Prez Mahama Must Sanction Dep Min For Attacking Mrs Rawlings

With the call on Ghanaians by the President to do away with acrimony in our body-politics, the recent attack by Murtala Mohammed on the personality of the Former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, shows clear disregard to the directive of the President, by making a mockery of his advice.

The Former First Lady was simply expressing her economic opinion during an address at a function organized by the Private Investors Protection Agency (PIPA) where she spoke on: “Attracting Investors into Ghana: The Role of Integrity and Honesty“.

Her address was a-political, devoid of insinuations and insults, one wonders where the Deputy Minister who had not had the benefit of reading the full text of her address went ahead to rain insults and attacked the Former First Lady by questioning her capacity to comment on national economic issues and that she was seeking media attention.

The Minister went ahead to rope in the Former President, H. E. J.J. Rawlings, with his insults by saying that “ the way her husband J. J. Rawlings managed tax revenues 20 years ago is the same way the current government is managing taxes”.

The National Democratic Party (NDP) was well represented at the occasion and takes a serious view of the unsavory comment by the Deputy Minister.

The Former First Lady has never engaged in politics of insults and definitely does not do things because of media attention.

The NDP is therefore calling on the President to immediately sanction the Deputy Minister of Information.

If a personality like the Former First Lady who for 19 years occupied the position of First Lady and has mass experience in numerous areas, in the view of the Deputy Minister does not have the capacity to express her opinion on economic issues, then who can in this country?

Thank you.