Scrap Exporters Deny Abusing Minister’s Directive

Scrap dealers who have been permitted to export non-ferrous scrap metals have denied ever abusing a ministerial directive by shipping banned items, as carried by the media last week.

In that story, the Steel Manufacturers Association of Ghana (SMAG) claimed that some 20 containers of ferrous scrap metals have been shipped through the port of Tema, in spite of a legislation banning such exports.

SMAG chairman, Mr. J. Patel, alluded to the fact that information on the movement of those containers was made available to National Security for action, but nothing was done about it.

The exporters, who have been permitted by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to ship stated materials, other than ferrous scrap metals for a period of six months, are of the view that the story by SMAG, as carried by The Chronicle was only aimed at discrediting the opportunity offered to the exporters.

They further suggested to SMAG to make effort to intercept any such containers to prove their case rather than issuing a blanket statement to cast a slur on the exporters.

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