Possessed By Lucifer

A nation possessed by demons? If indeed our President, the Governor of Bank of Ghana, the Finance Minister and the economy are possessed by demons and we hold this to be true as citizens of this country, we must be light years away from addressing the multifaceted problems staring at us.

The economy of Ghana has never been so bad as to call for spiritual intervention as we are beginning to be told from the pulpit. This is coming at the heels of a fantastic prognosis for 2014 by Mr. President and in the face of an ailing Cedi which to date refuses to respond to both Finance Ministry and Bank of Ghana prescribed treatment calls for a new approach.

Now we understand why the recent injection of a $20 million bail-out for the distressed Cedi is far from being the solution and how the Governor of the Bank of Ghana also possessed by Satan fired off the bull’s eye with his intervention. For a system totally possessed by Satan, we do not expect anything remedial to emanate from the dollar interjection. At most, it could manage to hold the worrying situation at bay only briefly.

Unusual developments call for equal responses: the commandment in the name of Jesus Christ to the cedi to rise and for the wicked and sadistic Lucifer to let go his demonic hands on the President, the Governor of our apex bank and the Finance Minister is an unusual reaction to the seeming intractable challenges the country is enduring today.

The demons who were engaged during and after the last polls have done ample damage to both the economy and other spheres of governance in the country. When Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams therefore asked that a spiritual response was necessary as an antidote he might have a case and should be spared the condemnation and derision he has been subjected to since he uttered the spiritual commandment to the Cedi to rise: the downward spiralling of the Cedi and the economy are the function of demons who have refused to be disengaged after an earlier mission.

Various economic interventions have been applied on the ailing economy including large volumes of loans from as far ashore as China all to no avail: managers of the economy continue to scratch their heads in frustration occasionally finding solace in excuses such as the introduction of the Single Spine Salary Structure, the election petition hearing among others as reason why the economy is not responding to treatment.

Need we not seek a spiritual intervention as thought out by the Man of God who had earlier asked President Mahama to let go his hold on the Cedi during a spiritual intercession in his church? He had not adequately diagnosed the situation at the time we guess.

The Man of God makes more sense than an NDC operative who claims the unstoppable situation has been triggered by the construction of high rise buildings in town. What a country!