PNC Already Broke; I Can’t Steal From PNC—Ayariga



The 2012 flagbearer of the People’s National Congress (PNC), Hassan Ayariga, has denied knowledge of the party’s missing GHC 1.6million campaign cash.

The National Treasurer of the party, David Apasara has fingered Mr. Ayariga for the missing campaign money which was to be used during the 2012 election.

Mr. Apasara is advocating for Mr. Ayariga to be hauled before the party’s Central Committee to account for the cash.

This follows calls by a group in the party called the Convention Forum for investigations into the whereabouts of GHC 1.6 million which was donated to the party for in 2012 ahead of the elections.

But in an interview with Citi News, Mr. Ayariga opined that the accusations coming from the National Treasurer are misdirected.

He explained that he never on any occasion take money from the party for campaigning ahead of the elections and neither was he given any money for mobilization.

“I won my campaign independently; I put up 1,500 billboards across the nation, I posted so many posters all over the country…so I don’t believe that the party thinks I have money from them,” he insisted.

According to the 2012 Presidential candidate, he was just the face of the party and “it was not the PNC who sponsored me. PNC cannot pay for my office and they didn’t pay for my campaign.”

He described the allegations against him as “sad” when the “PNC could not raise GHC1 for my campaign.”

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