NPP Was A Better Manager Of Ghana’s Economy – Kwabena Agyepong

The former Presidential Press Secretary and Spokesperson to President Kufuor, Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, has said the NPP was a better manager of Ghana’s economy.

Speaking during his last day of his tour to the Western Region, Kwabena urged party faithfuls to see the 2016 elections as a redemption mission to save Ghanaians adding that it is about time they saved Ghanaians from the hardships being experienced under this NDC government.

“The NPP has implemented the best Pro-Poor policies and no wonder the Ghanaian people are yearning for our return. What is left of us is to put strategies in place to police the ballots and convincingly win the 2016 election,” he said.

He took a swipe at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government and chastised them for worsening the lives of Ghanaians due to what he described as “the NDC’s record of poor and cruel economic management”.

“This nation longs for us. We are the better managers of Ghana’s economy and we cannot fail this country,” he emphasized.

He assured the party supporters of a regular interaction so as to design specific strategies to win more people to the NPP.

Mr. Agyepong stressed on the need to strengthen the constituencies and make them the center of operations, as in his believe,”all politics is local and therefore resources should be adequately and directly channeled to the base to build a strong party, capable of winning any election in Ghana.”

So far, Mr. Agyepong and his team have visited 131 constituencies touching base with the party faithfuls and presenting himself for election as a General Secretary whose believe is anchored on the premise that the NPP needs a leadership that is extremely action-oriented, passionately mission-minded, very demanding of results and is prepared to chase progress.