National Conference Of NPP In Tamale In Memory Of Aliu Mahama

When news came out last week that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) agreed to hold this year’s National Delegates Conference of the NPP at regional levels nationally, some of us were hugely angry.

Even though I am not yet a lawyer, no lawyer in either NPP or Ghana was able to convince me that, that decision was not a disrespectful violation of the constitution of the NPP.

I submitted a series of views including how the NPP went to Court recently because we thought the Electoral Commission violated the constitution of Ghana in the conduct of the 2012 Presidential elections yet we returned to our own party to violate it in circumstance only the violators could explain.

I argued that since no major activity of the NPP has ever taken place in any of the three Northern Regions since 1992, it was only reasonable and fair for it to be held in any one of the three Northern regions.

It was therefore so refreshing and heart-warming when the NPP finally decided at an emergency meeting on the 4th of February 2014 to stick to either the constitutional or traditional way of organising the National Delegates Conference at a Centralised location in Tamale. This was in memory of the late Aliu Mahama who became the first Northerner and Ghanaian to have served as Vice President for 8years.
It is very laudable and commendable and I suggest all efforts should now be geared towards having a successful conference in the Northern Regional capital, Tamale.

All those whose arguments and support have finally helped to make the party to arrive at this decision should be commended. It is my personal wish that the right people who are committed to the forward match of the party will be elected on April 12th to steer the affairs of the NPP.

The delegates must vote for very competent people to lead the party and not surrogates of the party. Let us remember that the NPP is bigger than any individual. We all will enter and exit, but the NPP never dies.

Long live the National Executive Committee of the NPP. Long live Alhaji Aliu Mahama in whose memory the party agreed for the first time in the history of the NPP to hold this august ceremony in Tamale.