Michael Schumacher, a shocking headline! Shame on the German press! Nikki Lauda outraged!

What a shame! All fans of Michael Schumacher are in shock tonight!

While doctors are still trying to get him out of his coma, a German magazine had the indecency to make fun of him on the cover by taking a photo of Nikki Lauda , seriously injured after an accident at the Nurburgring Grand Prix (1976).

“Titanic” is the title of this rag that causes scandal in the world ! This magazine may well be satirical in Germany, but they crossed the yellow line!

Nikki Lauda is outraged: “This is a cheeky butt, and it’s completely impious. I wonder how we can print such dross.”

As Africa Top Sports.com reported, Michael Schumacher was in a coma after his skiing accident in Meribel, http://en.africatopsports.com/2013/12/30/michael-schumacher-operated-for-a-brain-hemorrhage-his-prognosis-is-engaged/ December 29, and was being drawn gradually to awakening from last Thursday 30 January 2014.

The first news had been very reassuring. According to a relative, he even blinked! His prognosis is not engaged.

Nevertheless, since Thursday, family and doctors have not communicated.

It is therefore impossible to know much about this gradual awakening or whether the champion is completely out of his coma.

Today Professor Heinzpeter Moecke has hardly been very reassuring in the Daily Mail:

“There is unfortunately a risk that in the wake of his coma, he then falls in a natural coma. This would mean that he would remain in a vegetative state where Schumacher would actually be paralyzed. Waking a patient from a coma can first leave him confused, not knowing who he is and where he is. It can also be more agitated and attempt to remove the tubes that help to survive. This may be complicated”.

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