Girl Cries Stones Instead Of Tears [PHOTO] + VIDEO

A 12-year-old girl has baffled doctors after crying stones instead of tears – with locals fearing she may be ‘possessed’.

Saadiya Saleh, who lives in a village in Yemen, produces the small, hard stones beneath her eyelids.

They are then naturally pushed to the front of her eyes, before falling down her cheeks.

A video of the bizarre phenomenon was posted on YouTube by Yemeni television channel Azal.

Footage shows Saadiya lying on a hospital bed, surrounded by doctors and relatives – one of whom can be seen brushing a stone out of the child’s eye with a cloth.

A doctor then holds up a small box full of stones that have fallen out of Saadiya’s eyes in just a few hours.

Medics said they could not give an explanation for the condition – with Saadiya not suffering from any known disease, according to the Daily Mirror.

However, locals have spoken of their fears that the young girl is possessed by magic.

‘The case has triggered panic in the area where this girl lives,’ a presenter can be heard saying in the video.

‘Some say the girl could be gripped by a magic spell, while others say it might be the devil.

‘Others fear it could be the start of a dangerous epidemic.’