David Duncan Wants Penalty Kicks Scrapped From Football?

Former Accra Hearts of Oak coach David Duncan says he feels post match penalty kicks as a means of determining the outcome of football matches especially at major tournaments is piquing and annoying.

The 51 year old believes there should be an alternative means of settling matches after stalements rather than the kicks from 12 yards.

Commenting on the CHAN 2014 competition where a lot of the matches were decided by post match penalty kicks, Duncan wrote on his official Facebook page

“Just been thinking! I still see penalty shoot-outs as an irritation of the game. What’s your take on this. Should we continue to stick with it as the means to break stalemates in major competitions such as the just ended CHAN or find an alternative to determine which team goes through?”.

Ghana lost the CHAN final to Libya in the penalty shootouts after 120 munites deadlock.