Corruption Is Staggering In European Union More Than Ghana: GCPP

President John Dramani Mahama has taken bold steps to close the loopholes for corrupt practices in Ghana and has also referred the corrupt cases to the attorney generals office and the Economic and organized crime office for action.

The government has taken a clear and public stance against corruption, while adequate legislation, mechanisms and standards against corruption are needed to tackle the issue at its roots.

However, News reaching us from Commissioner Cecilia Malmström for home Affairs in the European Union in Brussels on Monday that corruption cost the EU a minimum of 120 billion Euros per annum is quiet staggering and shocking.

Corruption continues to be a challenge for Europe – a phenomenon that costs the European economy around 120 billion Euros per year. EU member countries have taken many initiatives in recent years, but the results are uneven and more should be done to prevent and punish corruption.

Europeans are deeply worried about corruption – Euro barometer survey results show that three quarters (76%) of Europeans think that corruption is widespread and more than half (56%) think that the level of corruption in their country has increased over the past three years.

In its February 2014 report, the European Commission provides a clear picture of the situation in each Member State: measures in place, outstanding issues, policies that are working and areas that could be improved.

The report shows that the nature and scope of corruption varies from one Member State to another and that the effectiveness of anti-corruption policies is quite different. It also shows that corruption deserves greater attention in all EU Member States

Corruption in the 28 EU member states undermines citizens’ fundamental rights, good governance and the rule of law. Corruption occurs in old and new EU Member States alike. Research shows that the trust of EU citizens in Member States and the EU to fight corruption is very low.

The report places the EU, often portrayed as one of the globe’s cleanest regions, in an unflattering light.

Among businesses, belief is widespread that the only way to succeed is through political connections.

The GCPP strongly believes that, the steps being taken by President John Dramani Mahama will clamp down on the perception that it is only through politics that one can succeed and thereby serving as a warning to politicians and their collaborators in the business sector.

This means that we are on track in tackling corruption in our country .

We should therefore not put our government into shame and ridicule considering the corruption in Europe.




Dr. Henry Herbert Lartey

Chairman /Leader

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