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Ataa Skolo

Ataa Skolo

Comic actor and leading character in “Just Another Day” TV series Ataa Skolo, known in private life as Alphonse Menyo is the potential face of the ghanaian comedy. The Ataa Skolo is endowed with hilarious terms that seem to crack your ribs. “Ayee Ruff”, “Gbagbato gbato2”, “What is your thinking?”, “Who are you on the borla?” are just a few.

“Acting is an in-born thing. I was born with it, I have the passion” he opined. But, in the betterment of his talent, he enroled into the K.B Boateng Academy of Performing Arts, where he was trained as professional. From there, he mounted series of stage performances across the capital at places like Citizen Kofi, AFC Shopping Mall, Smoodies.etc. He was also featured on a number of stage arts of which a few include; “Charmed” written and directed by B.B Brew and Golder respectively, “Osei the Cobbler Boy”, a comedy on the biblical Joseph by Seth Mia.

After gathering enough confidence from the stage decided to go into screen acting. He joined the Venus Films where had the chance to partake in their usual workshops organised by Venus as well as others.

The “Just Another Day” fame has confessed that he had his fair share of the “walkerpass” roles. A trending jargon in the industry used to describe roles that has one or two scenes or even no dialogues. In playing a walkerpass role, one is not even likely to be recognised.

He shot an advert for Trasaco Estates “Ident Couple” which was aired on national television(Gtv). In a quest about audition, he stated that he had gone lots. “Sometimes, you prove yourself you aren’t picked. At times too you flop, yet I never gave up. I continue learning” he added.

Among movies he appeared in are; “Reason To Kill”, “Loosing You”, “Kiss my Tears”, “Living with Trisha” tv series and currently playing leading role in “Just Another Day” comedy series.

Ataa Skolo

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