Vodafone Ghana Subscriber Base Inches Up

Telecom operator, Vodafone Ghana, has bolstered its subscriber base from 1.298 million to 1.357 million, representing 13.90 percent of the total market share, as at the end of November 2013, according to latest figures released by the National Communications Authority (NCA).

According to the industry regulator, GLO’s subscriber base also increased from 269,615 to 279,054 which represent 2.86 percent of the total market share within the same period.

The month under review also saw MTN, Airtel, Tigo and Expresso losing subscribers. MTN’s subscriber base decreased from 4,762,030 ending October to 4,624,583 at the end of November 2013, this resulted in MTN’s share dropping marginally from 48.30 per cent to 47.37 percent.

While Airtel Ghana, which recently introduced new products to the market had its subscriber base decreased from 1,924,049 to 1,910,479 representing 19.57 percent of the total market share.

Tigo also had its subscriber base decline from 1,560,570 to 1,551,115 representing 15.89 percent of the total market share, while Expresso’s market share declined from 0.46 per cent to 0.42 percent with a subscriber base totalled 41,205 at the end of the month under review.

The report said that there was a general 1 percent decline rate at the end of November, 2013, from a collective total subscription of 9,860,019 at the end of October to 9,763581 in November, 2013.

The report added that the overall penetration rate in the country also decreased from 37.9 percent to 37.4 percent.

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