Sunny Neji Believes Corruption Has Become A Normal Practice

UN Peace Ambassador and singer, Sunny Neji who is popularly known as Mr. Fantastik is famous for his free speeches, this time he is taking on the corruption that has become something that is common in Nigeria, this is coming with the number of Policemen who are caught taking bribe, thanks to the modern day mobile gadgets that can easily pick these men and women in the act.

With the third case of a policeman that is caught red handed collecting money at different parts of the country, he has used his Facebook page to write about this menace. : ‘Another Policeman was caught on camera asking for bribe and people are asking for his head…hmmmm. I look around me and find the same bribe asking and taking everywhere in different shades; some people call it “doing business” now. It feels so normal…even the police officer said he wasn’t doing anything illegal. God help us deal with the corruption in all of us.’

Last year, he also made a striking comment about technology: ‘…Everything is getting computerized, cooking is computerized. One day, lovemaking would be computerized! I was trying to convey the message that while I appreciate the age of ICT, there are certain things we shouldn’t allow the trend to take away from us.The fact that we still need to connect romantically, we still need our bodies to touch! We shouldn’t let the age of computer to take that away from us. Lovey Dovey’ I want some Lovey Dovey because computer cannot give me the eye to eye, the body contact, the smell of your breath. The computer cannot replace of these things and we shouldn’t allow it.

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