Stop The Prepaid Water Project – Cadres

Members of the United Cadres Front (UCF) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have advised the government to stop the introduction of the pre-paid water concept it intends introducing.

They also asked government to explain the automatic fuel price adjustment policy to the people of Ghana, especially those in the rural areas, to help reduce the tension that the issue is creating among the people.

This was contained in the reports of the various regional branches of the Front, which was tabled at its annual review meeting at the Bunso Cocoa College over the weekend.

The three-day conference is being organised under the theme ‘Positioning the cadre corps as an effective and relevant integral structure of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for victory in 2016 and beyond’, and is being attended by delegates of regional branches of the UCF throughout the country.

The cadres called on the managers of the School Feeding Programme to pay the caterers contracted to cook for the school children to stop the harassment being faced by the caterers from their suppliers.

The Front called for the revival of the afforestation programme in the Eastern Region and the payment of the arrears of people who had worked for the project and suggested the establishment of a special unit of the security service to patrol the unprotected eastern, western and northern boarders of the country to prevent smuggling.

In a speech read on his behalf, President John Dramani Mahama called on the cadres to mobilise the people to support the implementation of the promises that he made to the people of Ghana during his campaign.

He assured that his government would always place the interest of the people and the provision of the basic social amenities of the ordinary people first.

President Mahama urged the cadres to come out with a succession plan to mobilise young people to teach them the core values of the movement to gradually take over from them as they grow old.

Mr C.K. Annan, former Deputy Secretary for Agriculture during the era of the Provincial National Defence Council (PNDC) government, called on the cadres to play pivotal roles in the advancement of the economy of the country.

He explained that under the current liberal economy of the country the government, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies are supposed to come out with economic policies and programmes for its implementation by the private sector.

Mr Annan said for various reasons, not all the policies are implemented by the private sector and urged the cadres to take over those policies and create employment for themselves and others.

The General Secretary of the UCF, Mr Efinam Nyarku, denied that there is a split in the UCF and explained that when the Front was established in 2009 an interim executive was put in place to run the organisation for two years.

He said the interim executive however stayed in power for five years without organising a congress and so last year a national congress was called in Kumasi to elect a new national executive of the UCF of the NDC, but the members of the interim executive decided to form a non-governmental organisation using the same name.