PPP ‘Tweaa’ Tour Begins Today In Ashanti

The National Youth Committee (NYC) of the Progressive People’s Party’s two-week nationwide tour christened Tweaa takes off today in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi.

According to the party, the tour is to afford the party the opportunity to meet with members of the Progressive Youth Movements in tertiary institutions, youth in the various constituencies and the general public to conscientise them on the way forward for the PPP.

Spokesperson for NYC, Alistair Tairo Nelson, explained in a press statement that the tour will discuss the economy, observe living conditions of Ghanaians in the various regions and tell the true story to the people of Ghana.

National Youth Coordinator of the party, Divine Nkrumah, is expected to lead the tour.

Mr. Nelsen further said the tour was informed by the NYC’s growing popularity countrywide and the request by youths of the party to make “ourselves visible and position ourselves as the alternative to the politics of “Tumtum Efu na fu” that has engulfed this country for the past 22 years; we are ready to serve the people far better than what the NPP/NDC.”

He further stressed that there is a general lack of consensus on the way forward and as result, affected “our economic fortunes and after 56 years of our political independence, we are still hewers of wood, drawers of water and primary exporters and still a beggar of other nations.”