New Fufu-pounding machine making waves in Accra New-Town

Ghanaians love fufu which is one of the most popular dishes especially among the Akans but cooking it comes with its own challenges.

One has to pound the cooked cassava or yam with cocoyam or plantain with a pestle whilst turning it several times in a mortar in order to get the desired paste.

But there are innovations to make preparation of the delicacy a lot easier. One of such is the fufu pounding machine.

Joy News’ Beatrice Adu reports from Accra New Town where Mohammed Buhari-Konate has been operating a thriving business of pounding fufu with a locally manufactured machine for both domestic and commercial users.

The thumping sounds of a pestle in a mortar crushing boiled cassava, yam with plantain and turning it at the same time until it turns into paste has given way to a less tasking way of preparation.

A machine now does all the hard work. Interestingly, the fufu pounding machine is not only for domestic consumption but commercial consumption as well.

Mohammed Buhari-Konate who has lived in Accra New Town with his wife and two children for 36 years started this business eight months ago and says the business is booming.

He said the boiled cassava and plantain are put into a funnel like machine and stirred for few minutes after which the boiled substances pipe out of an opening just beneath the tunnel like it is done during corn milling.

He said the business gives him additional money to cater for his family.

Several people troop in to get their cassava and plantain mashed with the machine.

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