Let’s Sustain Economic Ties With Italy — Dicko

The 2012 Atwima Nwabiagya South National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate, Alhaji Nuhu Alhassan Dicko, has urged the government to intensify its bilateral co-operation on economic development with Italy.

In an interview in Kumasi, Alhaji Dicko lauded the recent visit of the Italian Foreign Affairs Minister, Madam Emma Bonino, to Ghana as a show of commitment by both countries and said it would deepen economic ties.

Italy, on December 30, 2012, launched the Italy-Africa Project, an initiative aimed at enabling Italy to refocus on Africa by revitalising the political, economic and cultural partnership between Italy and Africa.

Alhaji Dicko, who has lived in Italy for 20 years, is well-versed in Italian Geo-politics and has worked intensively in the agricultural, industrial and administrative levels, said there was the need for Ghana to take Italy’s initiative seriously, adding “Italy is one of the best industrialised countries with a lot of partnerships with other developed countries.”

In terms of agriculture, he said Italy was one of the leading countries in the world in the production of foodstuffs, fruits and vegetables and that with agricultural products as the major export in Ghana, the country needed to take the initiative seriously.

On education, he noted that Italy had focused more on practicals over the years especially on technology and aeronautics, whereby technical institutions in Italy could have bilateral relations with students in Ghana.

He, however, urged the government to be all-inclusive in working in close relationship with capable institutions in the country, the Council of Ghana National Association in Italy and the Ghanaian returnees from Italy to make the initiative, “Italy-Africa”, a success.

Alhaji Dicko was the first black man to be elected to the Consiglio Communale du Macerata (the Communale Assembly) and served as a representative of migrants in the office of the government in the province of Macerata. He was also a member of the Trades Union Council in the province of Macerata and promoted the welfare of migrants and the Italian community.