‘Leadership Development Lacking In Ghana’

A former President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), Joseph Adongo has observed that there are three basic principles that must govern leadership development in Ghana.

These three principles, according to him, have for many years not been fully applied in the development and proper grooming of leaders in the country.

He argued that the principles have not been fully embraced by Ghanaians, hence the neglect.

He mentioned discipline, leadership by example and effective moral command as fundamental principles of leadership.

Speaking to The Finder in an exclusive interview, Mr Adongo said it would require affirmative action for the nation to effectively instil leadership qualities to govern the conduct of leaders and development of up-and-coming leaders in the country.

He explained that apart from the application of the principle of leadership by example, it is important to maintain discipline at all levels in the country.

Mr Adongo believes indiscipline truncates the efforts of people who desire to cause positive change in society. “There is no way we can develop when there is so much of indiscipline in the system,” he noted.

According to the social democrat, “when you have an indiscipline society, backed by immoral conducts all over, compounded by lack of leadership by example across board, development and effective leadership will certainly be far from being achieved.”

He said the quest to amass wealth through leadership has also become an African phenomenon troubling development activities and leadership in general.

Mr Adongo said successive governments have implemented various initiatives to develop the youth of the country to no avail as a result of the lack of the leadership qualities.

The former student leader said the commitment to develop and groom quality leaders has always been missing in the calendar of activities driving the national agenda.

“It is not possible to have an effective youth development programme or policy without commitment,” he stressed.