Health officials take sample of Adomfe ‘miracle water’ for testing

Health authorities in the Asante-Akyem South district of the Ashanti region have initiated investigation into claims that water from a borehole at Adomfe has medicinal properties.

Officials from the District Health Directorate have already visited the town to take samples of the water for testing, following media reports of people trooping there to buy water for healing purposes.

Patrons of what has now been referred to as the holy water, have been giving testimonies of how water from the well has worked miracles for them.

Some of them told Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor that their high blood pressures have been normalised after drinking the water.

One of them, who claimed to have problem with his eye sight said his vision had improved after washing his face with the water.

According to Asare Donkor, the borehole was one of ten dug six years ago but its properties have been sharply different from the rest.

It doesn’t foam and when it is used for cooking the colour of the food changes, the residents claim.

Some locals, who had some knowledge in the properties of hard water were quick to conclude that the Adomfe water had something different, if not miraculous.

Since then people have been coming from far and near to buy the water with the hope of receiving healing for many health challenges they suffer.

The testimonies have been bountiful but some have urged caution and are asking for the water to be properly tested.

“This water has never been to the laboratory for testing. We can’t actually know whether it is really hard water or not. No doctor has proven that because of this water ones disease has been cleared,” one of the residents said.

The minority concerns about the safety of the water have received utmost attention from the District Directorate of Health.

Kojo Yeboah of the Ghana Health Service said the way people have besieged the area in search for the miracle water has caught the attention of the Service.

He said they will take the sample and conduct the necessary tests on it.   

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