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Thursday, March 23, 2023

‘Don’t Bring Your Nana, Alan Thing To My Constituency’


Charles Boateng, the chairman for the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Tema Central Constituency, has warned party members who are affiliated to the Nana Addo and Alan Kyeremanten camps not to dare enter his constituency with their factionalism campaigns in the run-up to the party’s national delegates’ congress.

He said, “As long as I remain the chairman of this constituency, and by the principles and rules governing the NPP, I must tell you today that anybody from anywhere who would dare come into this constituency with a pressure group or supporting groups like ‘Friends of Nana Addo’ or ‘Friends of Alan’ will be shown the exit. I will not entertain that factionalism in this constituency.”

The principles and tenets of the NPP as contained in their constitution, Mr Boateng urged, should be adhered to by every member and leader; “therefore I will not hesitate to tell whoever shall lead such divisive crusade to do things that will inure to the benefit of the party as we prepare to capture political power from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2016.”

Speaking to The Finder, Mr Charles Boateng explained that the NPP was founded around all persons who are worthy to unite their members, draw and implement good policies that would alleviate the economic hardship Ghanaians are presently going through under the government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

It is for this reason, he said, that the NPP must not do anything to be seen as a party that has no equally good presidential aspirants apart from Nana Akufo-Addo and John Alan Kyeremanten.

The outspoken chairman warned the hierarchy of the party not to dare enter his constituency with their Nana and Alan factionalism if they do not want to be embarrassed.

Turning to his constituency members, Mr Boateng said, “I will not hesitate to suspend you from the NPP in the Tema Central Constituency should I investigate and conclude that you are forming or openly belong to a personality wing for either Nana or Alan.”

Mr Charles Boateng believed that the advice he gave to his members would strictly be adhered to in order to make the NPP the most attractive political party in Ghana.

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