Adama vows: I will still become world champion

Adama and trainer Joseph Awinongya

Adama and trainer Joseph Awinongya

He added a message for his fans back home in Accra: “I didn’t want to disappoint Ghanaians, it’s hard. It’s like everybody in your country tuned in expecting you to win and make them all happy because we need a world champion in Ghana. They shouldn’t worry. Even if I don’t win, there are a lot of good boxers out there in Ghana who can make it.”

Adama is quick however to acknowledge the qualities of the man he so lopsidedly lost to in France on Saturday, the undefeated Gennady Golovkin.

“He is very strong, to be honest he is very strong. He came all out in the first round and he hit my eyes which nearly blinded me. In the beginning I respected him but I soon realised I have to stand up and fight him. It was so hard because my eyes kept bleeding and paining me,” Adama confessed.

The Ghanaian also bears referee Luis Pabon no grudge for stopping the fight when he did.

“I wanted to continue but the referee said no because of the bleeding from my eyes. He is the referee and has the final say. The first time that I went down like this, it was very hard, very hard,” Machine Gun stated.

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