Zwennes: Osumanu Adama has a lot of work to do

Peter Zwennes  GBA boss

Peter Zwennes GBA boss

It condemned Adama to a 4 th career loss in 26 fights and also the second time in two years he lost a world title fight. The chief of Ghana boxing is lamenting the loss and what he descibes a disappointing performance from Adama.

“I know that Golovkin is a formidable opponent but I also know Adama and I watched a lot of his fights whilst he was here in Ghana and even in America and I must say he was completely off on Saturday. I don’t know what happened,” Mr. Zwennes told Joy FM post-fight.

The GBA President added: “It’s a major slump as far as his career is concerned. This was a big fight, big occasssion against a world acclaimed champion, it was a big opportunity for Adama but he failed to click. He has a lot of work to do to get back into reckoning in a very tough Middleweight division.”

Meanwhile, Tom Loeffler who promoted the Golovkin-Adama bout has hailed the Ghanaian for giving fight fans their money’s worth by lasting as long as seven rounds against Golovkin who now boasts 25 knockouts in 28 professional fights with no defeat. Adama was also the man from Kazakhstan’s 16 th straight KO.

“First of all, we want to give a thumbs up to Adama for putting up a great fight. He showed a good heart. It’s not easy to last that long against Gennady and we want to acknowledge that,” promoter Loeffler said right in the ring after the fight.

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