We Beg NDC Gov’t: The Petrol Price Hikes Are Becoming Unbearable!

As ask; is the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), no more holding onto the people-centered Social Democratic principles that distinguishes the Umbrella family from the property-stealing and confers-looting Rightwing so-called New Patriotic Party (NPP), which is at the point of cataclysmic explosion?

Has the NDC Government so soon forgotten about the “I Care For You” pledge that the late President, John Evans Atta Mills, hunged on to, to get the good people of this country to take power away from the “Thieving” Kufuor-led-NPP, and gave it to the New NDC to build a Better Ghana?

Why is the NDC Government, reaping hardship upon hardship on the already suffering people of Ghana?

The Informer is horrified at the burdensome manner in which Ghanaian are being made to chew the bitter end of the stick of human existence in Ghana.

We are aghast at the manner in which the suffering masses are reaching very dizzy heights. For goodness sake; is the governance agenda about running a corner shop/supermarket profit and loss account?

Is the governance schedule, just about heaping taxes upon taxes on the masses? We agree that we need taxes for development, but as a Social Democratic Government, we expect the NDC to find some ways of cushioning the asphyxiating suffering of the masses.

Did the NDC not play the petrol politics in 2008? Did the NDC not join forces with the Committee for Joint Action (CJA) to hit the streets and hold public forums, to fight against the NPP Government’s wicked petroleum price hikes?

So why has the NDC Government, so soon forgotten that the stone that they threw at the NPP will be thrown back at them?

Is it because the current decision makers were not in the deep trenches with the NDC and the later President John Mills; and so have quickly thrown away his “I Care For You” pledge he made to the good people of Ghana?

The Informer associates fully with the CJA’s call last week for Government to immediately take steps to cut down on corruption, so as to use the taxpayer’s monies wisely for the benefit of all; and not for the benefit of the already privileged few, family, friends; and cronies.

Indeed, the CJA call, is not limited to only comrade Kwesi Pratt and his Group. The call, is a call of the millions of suffering Ghanaians who cannot not put body and soul together.

The Information is pleading with the NDC Government, to quickly revert to its manifesto pledge and re-read the sweet promises made to the good people of this country-which led to its victory over the NPP.

The Informer is very much aware of the pain and suffering of the masses and God Forbid that we play the ostrich on such a crucial matter. The suffering is reaching very killing heights and we are humbly begging the Government to have little mercy on the good people of Ghana and do something to win back the confidence of the electorates.

NDC Government; we beg oooo we beg! The suffering is too much!