Tintin Finally Collaborates Kunta Of Bradez

After almost a decade of friendship Tintin and Kunta Kinte are in the studio recording a song titled RED which would be released a week before Valentine’s Day.

The two have been friends for such a long time but have not done any project together officially, as both have been musicians since senior high school days in Prempeh College.

They used to be a music group with Nino also part of them but separated because he came out with his brother as Bradez and rumours has it that Kunta did a song of Tintin ‘s with his group member and brother Flowking Stone and the song was a major hit.

The two were seen in Blinkz Music studio, Abuakwa; Tintin was so happy that he had finally collaborated with his long time friend and also to tell the public there is nothing like ‘beef’ between him and Kunta of Bradez fame. “We talk and chat more times so when I get those messages, I laugh.”

He said the RED song is a party track and every fan of his and Kunta should relax and wait for the song. He promised his fans to wait because he has a lot for them this year.

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